Mobile Banking

Need to make a quick transfer from your savings to cover a debit purchase? Need to quickly find a fee-free ATM while you were out and about? Simply perform those steps and more with your mobile phone. That’s a better way to bank!

Introducing: Home Banking Access for Mobile Devices

The service works best on the iPhone, Blackberrys, PDAs, and other higher resolution phones, but is also supported, on a limited resolution basis, on older Internet ready phones. The link for most modern mobile phones is “” the one for older, lower resolution phones is “

You can:

  1. Access balance, available amount, and history for each share
  2. Access detailed certificate information
  3. Access loan balance, payment, delinquency, NPDD, history, and other loan info.
  4. Transfer money to your own or another member’s share
  5. Make a loan payment to your own or another member’s loan

You enter a non-secure url on your mobile device for simplicity, but is IMMEDIATELY redirected to a SECURE web page before any personal information is sent either direction. The web site used for this uses a top-level Verisign certificate for maximum security. You can go to the link shown above from your normal PC’s browser if you’d like to check out the certificate.

You must also enter your Multi-Factor Authentication information in order to “key” this Mobile Device to be the “something you have” portion of MFA security. In the event your device does not support cookies (or you have them disabled), you will be required to enter the MFA information each time you log on.